Jeffrey Buehner, PLLC is a criminal defense law firm located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Jeffrey Buehner provides aggressive, effective legal defense to individuals charged with any type of misdemeanor or felony charge in 16th District Court. Mr. Buehner is a former prosecutor with over 20 years of experience in the criminal justice system and he has a proven record of success in defending his clients in 16th District Court. If you are looking for an experienced 16th District Court criminal lawyer to fight for you, Mr. Buehner is the lawyer you are looking for.

16th District Court serves the city of Livonia. 16th District Court is a well-run court and cases are heard at their scheduled times. The court has two judges: Judge Kathleen McCann and Judge Sean Kavanagh. Both Judge McCann and Judge Kavanagh are experienced and fair jurists who treat people in a respectful manner. That said, Livonia is a court in which a jail sentence is a real possibility given the wrong circumstances.

If you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor such as driving while license suspendedassault and battery or drunk driving; or a felony such as felonious assault or embezzlement, put Mr. Buehner’s extensive criminal law  experience to work defending you.. If you’d like a free consultation with Mr. Buehner, fill out our Free Consultation form or call (248) 865-9640.

16th District Court is located at 32765 – 5 Mile Road, Livonia, Michigan 48154.
The court telephone number is (734) 466-2500.