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Experienced Michigan criminal attorneys. When you are faced with charges involving any type of theft or fraud, you want an experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer fighting for you. Jeffrey Buehner is a former Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor who has defended hundreds of cases involving all types of larceny, embezzlement and fraud. He has helped many people charged with misdemeanor and felony charges stay out of jail and keep their criminal records clean.

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Criminal charges such as embezzlement, uttering and publishing, receiving and concealing stolen property and larceny often involve weak circumstantial evidence, sloppy record keeping or incomplete police investigations. Mr. Buehner knows how to identify the weaknesses in a prosecutor’s case and how to use those weaknesses to your advantage.

Keeping Your Record Clean

A conviction for a crime involving fraud, theft or dishonesty can be devastating to a person’s career. Even if you are guilty of this type of offense, it may be possible to keep the conviction off of your record. Don’t let a conviction ruin your career.

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Misdemeanor & Felony Embezzlement; Uttering & Publishing; Identity Theft; Fraudulent Use of a Financial Transaction Device.

If you’ve been charged with stealing from your employer, writing fraudulent checks, using someone else’s identity or using a stolen credit card, you need an experienced criminal lawyer to keep you out of jail.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Retail Fraud

Everybody makes a bad judgment once in a while. Don’t let an isolated incident become a criminal record. Give us a call.

Michigan Misdemeanor & Felony Larceny Charges

If you’ve been charged with any type of theft related offense, you need an experienced larceny defense attorney.

Receiving & Concealing Stolen Property In Michigan

The prosecutor has to be able to show that you knew the property was stolen and that you possessed it. Their evidence may be weak or non-existent.

Personalized Legal Attention

We understand that the facts in your case, as well as your personal and professional circumstances, are unique to you. Finding a solution to your Michigan criminal charges requires individualized attention. We limit the number of cases that we handle in order to ensure that our clients received the personalized attention they deserve.

For a consultation with an experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer, call Jeffrey Buehner at (248) 865-9640 or simply fill out our Free Consultation form.