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When the Michigan probation violation attorneys at Jeffrey Buehner, PLLC represent a client at a violation of probation hearing, we chart a course of action that minimizes the likelihood of jail. This can be done through a variety of approaches, including emphasizing to the court the positive aspects of a client’s life such as counseling, schooling, employment, completion of other probationary terms, and other factors that may positively influence a judge.

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We know that avoiding jail is the primary consideration in any violation of probation hearing, and if that means contesting the alleged violation, we will do so aggressively. Oftentimes, however, a meeting with the probation officer on the day of the hearing can convince them to withdraw their violation.

Understand the Law? If Not, You Need a Michigan Probation Violation Lawyer

When a defendant is placed on probation in the State of Michigan, the judge will impose terms and conditions of that probation. Once on probation, the defendant is supervised by a probation officer who monitors the defendant’s compliance with the terms of probation – this gives a probation officer a great deal of power over the defendant. If the probation officer determines that the defendant has violated any of the conditions of probation, the probation officer can ‘violate’ the defendant’s probation by notifying the original sentencing judge. The matter is then scheduled for a violation of probation hearing before the judge.

Probation violations can occur for a host of reasons, and sometimes a defendant is violated for something they didn’t even realize was a probation violation. Some of the more common reasons for violating probation are:

  • Failing to maintain employment or attend school
  • Changing your residence or contact information without notifying your probation officer
  • Failing to pay fines, costs or restitution
  • Failing to complete community service
  • Failing to complete a court ordered program
  • Testing positive for drugs or alcohol
  • Failing to appear for drug or alcohol tests
  • Being arrested for a new crime
  • Missing appointments or appearing late for an appointment with your probation officer
  • Leaving the state without authorization
  • Missing a court appearance

Michigan Probation Violation Penalties

If you have violated probation, you are subject to serious punishments. Understand that probation is a privilege, not a right. Judges, in fact, consider probation a form of leniency. As a result, if you re-appear in front of that same judge for failing to abide by the terms of your probation, it can result in severe penalties. Penalties include jail or prison (for felony & high misdemeanors), revocation of deferred sentence/under advisement sentence (e.g., HYTA, 769.4a, MIP deferral, 333.7411), additional terms of probation, electronic monitoring, increased drug or alcohol testing, and extension of the length of probation.

Should I Have a Lawyer at My Hearing?

Do you care about going to jail or prison? Would an electronic monitor, increased drug/alcohol testing, or more time on probation cause you problems? Are you concerned about how the judge is going to react to your alleged violation? If the answer to any of these questions is yes – as it rightly should be – then you should definitely have a probation violation attorney representing you.

The Michigan criminal lawyers at Jeffrey Buehner, PLLC have handled misdemeanor and felony violation of probation hearings in district and circuit courts throughout the Detroit area. Simply put: we know how to find the best possible outcome for these situations. Our knowledge of Michigan probation violation law includes years of experience that will help us communicate:

  • Alternatives to jail that the judge should consider – particularly where a defendant has a job that they may lose if they go to jail or prison.
  • Mitigating circumstances surrounding the alleged violation that may have an important impact on the case.
  • Providing the judge and probation officer a clearer picture. If the violation didn’t occur, we will show why the allegation is untrue. If it did happen, we may be able to clarify the mitigating circumstances that led to the violation.

Whatever your situation, our team will find the best course of action.

An ExperienceD Attorney Provides the Winning Edge in Michigan Probation Violation Cases

The consequences of your probation violation charge, whether a misdemeanor or felony charge, have the potential to change your life – and not for the better. With so much at stake, you must ensure your Michigan probation violation case is handled professionally and thoroughly from the start. Without the right counsel, your case is all but certain to end up in disarray. It’s easy for a manageable probation violation to become a disaster without a seasoned attorney guiding the process. At Jeffrey Buehner, PLLC, we have the experience and knowledge to help you find the best solution to your alleged probation violation. If you are facing a violation of probation in any Detroit-area district court or circuit court, we can help.

Nothing but the Best Michigan Probation Violation Lawyers

When it comes to selecting an attorney to handle your Michigan probation violation case, you have a choice. And that’s a choice we truly respect. Clients who choose Jeffrey Buehner, PLLC, will always receive our full attention, our hardest work, and our thorough dedication to your case. Additionally, every step of the way our team will be putting to use our decades experience in representing clients regarding Michigan probation violation laws. Complicated and easily misunderstood by novice attorneys, these laws are as familiar to us as the backs of our hands; we work with them day in and day out. Not only do we take pride in that depth of knowledge, but we’ve learned from past cases what is effective – and what is not. You’ll receive every ounce of that know-how as we work to ensure your final outcome is the best outcome possible.

Contact Our Michigan Probation Attorneys About Your Michigan Probation Case

We simply cannot stress it enough: defendants who do not retain qualified legal counsel to manage their Michigan probation violation cases face much more severe and life-alternating consequences. At Jeffrey Buehner, PLLC, our team not only understands how to make a difference, we also understand your hesitations. We have worked with numerous clients who believed their case to be so small and straightforward that a professional lawyer simply was not needed. We’ve worked with even more individuals who knew they truly needed professional assistance, but assumed the costs would be too much to incur. The point is, we understand where you’re coming from. And we’re here to tell you that you absolutely do need professional counsel. We’ve seen all too many times where a case could be headed without the right Michigan probation lawyer by your side. We invite you to call (248) 865-9640 or fill out our Free Consultation form and get a real feel for our services, including potential costs, proven benefits, and important next steps.