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The law firm of Jeffrey Buehner, PLLC represents clients on Michigan traffic tickets throughout the metro Detroit area. As a former Oakland County assistant prosecutor, Mr. Buehner has a good working relationship with the area’s prosecutors and police. This experience benefits Mr. Buehner’s clients as he is often able to negotiate substantial charge reductions for his clients.

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    Michigan Speeding Ticket Lawyers

    Under Michigan law, a traffic violation is classified as either a civil infraction or a misdemeanor. Sanctions are charge specific, but they can include fines and costs, license suspension and, in the case of misdemeanor traffic offenses, jail. Failure to take care of a traffic ticket may also lead to driver license suspension.

    In addition, points may be posted to your driving record. Under Michigan’s point system, each traffic violation has a point value, which is set by law in the Michigan Vehicle Code. Points are placed on your driver record only after you have been convicted or found guilty of a misdemeanor or responsible for a civil infraction. Points placed on your driver record remain there for two years from the date of conviction.

    In most situations, traffic violations are negotiable. Hiring an attorney to negotiate a ticket may appear to be more expensive than simply paying the ticket, but that is often not the case. Points have an impact on your insurance rates, particularly if you have other points on your driving record, have alcohol or drug related convictions or if you are young. Furthermore, an accumulation of too many points can lead to the Secretary of State’s Office requiring you to appear at a driver license re-examination hearing. These hearings can result in license sanctions, including license suspension.

    If you’d like the best chance at negotiating a ticket reduction, you want Mr. Buehner representing you. To discuss your ticket with Mr. Buehner, please call (248) 865-9640 or fill out the Free Consultation form.

    Michigan Traffic Citations Penalties
    Accident- Fail to Stop or ID after Personal Injury 6 points, misdemeanor, 90-day suspension
    Accident- Fail to Stop or ID after Property Damage 6 points, misdemeanor
    Accident- Hit and Run 6 points
    Careless Driving 3 points
    Disobey Stop Sign 3 points
    Disobey Traffic Signal 3 points
    Drag Racing 4 points
    Drove While License Suspended/Revoked/Denied 2 points, misdemeanor, additional suspension
    Drove Without Due Care & Caution 2 points
    Failure to Dim Lights 2 points
    Failure to Signal 2 points
    Failure to Stop within Clear Distance 2 points
    Failure to Yield 2 points
    Failure to Yield Emergency Responder 4 points, misdemeanor
    Improper Passing 3 points
    Improper Turn 2 points
    Open Intoxicant in Motor Vehicle 2 points; misdemeanor
    Reckless Driving 6 points; misdemeanor; 90-day suspension
    Speeding No Amount Given up through 10 mph over 2 points
    Speeding up through 15 mph over 3 points
    Speeding over 15 mph 4 points
    Violation of Basic Speed Law 2 points


    Should I Hire A Michigan Traffic Violation Lawyer?

    The following traffic violations carry serious penalties, so it is definitely advisable to hire a traffic ticket attorney:

    Drag Racing: Drag racing is a 4 point misdemeanor which is punishable by up t0 93 days in jail. Since it is a criminal offense, court appearance is mandatory. Drag racing is a serious problem in certain areas and judges have been known to take a very hard line on these charges.

    Failure to Stop or Identify After a Personal Injury Accident: This is a 6 point misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days in jail and it carries a 90 day license suspension. Jail and/or probation is a very real possibility with this type of charge. Court appearance is mandatory.

    Failure to Stop or Identify After a Property Damage Accident: This is a 6 point misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days in jail.  Court appearance is mandatory.

    Reckless Driving: A 6 point misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days in jail and it carries a 90 day license suspension.  Court appearance is mandatory.

    Careless Driving: A 3 point civil infraction that will have a very negative impact on your auto insurance.