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Juvenile Delinquency Lawyers Serving Oakland, Wayne, Livingston and Macomb.If your child is charged with a criminal offense and they are under the age of 17, the case will be handled by the juvenile court (‘Juvenile court’ is the common term, but it is actually the Family Court Division of the Circuit Court). Michigan law does provide for juveniles to be tried as adults for certain serious felony charges, but the vast majority of juvenile cases are handled in juvenile court.

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When a petition or complaint (the charging document) is filed with the court, the court has numerous options available. Those options include denying authorization of the petition, transferring the case through diversion, having an informal hearing, or placing the case on the consent calendar.

The Court also has the option of authorizing the case for the formal calendar. The formal calendar means that the juvenile is formally charged with a delinquency offense. ‘Delinquency offense’ is the term used for a charge against a juvenile that would be considered a misdemeanor or felony crime in adult court.

Even if a juvenile delinquency proceeding is placed on the formal calendar, it may be possible to move the case to the consent calendar at the juvenile’s disposition. ‘Disposition’ is the juvenile court’s version of sentencing. The consent calendar is a mechanism whereby the juvenile’s case is removed from the formal calendar to a status comparable to as if the petition had been denied (as if the juvenile was never formally charged).

The juvenile justice system requires specific knowledge that only comes from experience in practicing law in juvenile court. Jeffrey Buehner is a former Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor and was assigned to the Juvenile Justice Division for a portion of his career. He has extensive experience in representing children charged in juvenile court.

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